Cyrandor #OES (Jay) (#33457)
Avatar February 11th, 2018 12:33 PM
I discarded this one and figured I’d post my information so others could have it.

A solid-colored underground hunting breed used to chase, kill, and retrieve underground prey.
(The name I chose is being used by someone else so that’s not available anymore.)
My alternative name was Sinkhole Terrier, and my third was the Pennsylvanian Rat Terrier.

I was working Dachshunds and Setters and Cavaliers to focus on a dog Dachshund size with short legs, dropped ears, high prey drive and aggression but also high obedience, who ignored cats and kids but attacked small animals on site. My original plan was for a solid colored breed, but this isn’t my breed anymore, so any color color goes. Medium water affinity so flooded tunnels wouldn’t bother them, and decent scent sentivity.

If you plan to do this please post below so others know.


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